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With our transparent lending process, get Gold Loan at your home instantly
A gold loan is a secured loan provided by accepting gold jewelry, or ornaments as collateral from the customer. SynoFin’s innovative loan management system supports NBFCs and Banks to efficiently manage their gold loan journey from acquisition to the recovery of loans.

Challenges Financial Institutions Face While Granting Gold Loan

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Difficult to manage the track record of gold storage in their inventory

Purity Check

Troublesome to be able to determine the purity of the gold
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Different repayment schedules
Problem in tracking the fluctuations in gold prices


Manual method to record payments in excel


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SynoFin offerings for Gold Loan

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Mobility solution for Sales and Operations team
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Loan Management Software
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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
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Why opt for SynoFin for Gold Loan software?

SynoFin gold loan software is customized in a way to meet the multiple requirements of the lending journey of the gold loan. Here are the following features of our software:
Advanced vendor management
Manage track of customer data, asks for basic KYC, and capture required gold details.
Centralized or decentralized gold review process
Provides documentation for instant access from anywhere
Integrated for more Information
With best-in-class fintech integrations, SynoFin provides API integrations with your banking partners.
A reminder of important points
Capability to record Gold pricing, notifications when the Loan to Value is violated, keeping track of Gold storage, and issuing Gold certificates attesting to Gold possession.
Reduced TAT
Helps in loan disbursal with an automated process and workflow-based decisions.
Generate timely reports
Provides simple, transparent, and personalized reports
Capability to Handle Regulatory
A system to monitor gold prices and fluctuations throughout the lending process will help you to constantly monitor your position.
Track Customer Payments
SynoFin Gold loan software comes with integrated accounting features to capture customers’ interest payments or prepayments.
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An integrated software product for buy-now-pay-later transactions

SynoFin provides a secure platform that permits payment for all the goods and delivers top-notch support for both private customers and commercial partners, it also serves as an advantage to consumers by providing access to products they need but cannot afford at one time

Customer Testimonials

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Frequently Asked Questions

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