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Buy Now Pay Later Digital Loans

Changing the lending landscape by providing a convenient and transparent pay later platform.

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SynoFin enables lenders to set up BNPL products and configure their offering based on rich parameters & configurations. Various configurability options are available based on billing, minimum amount, repayments, late penalty charges, limits, Convert to EMI options, Carry Forwards, Referral Bonus, KYC, and Bank Transfer.


Comprehensive configurable capabilities

Why opt for SynoFin BNPL solution?

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Comprehensive configurable capabilities

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Faster go-to-market

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Robust and scalable technology architecture

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Handle multiple BNPL scenarios

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Ease of Operations

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Data Security

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An integrated software product for buy-now-pay-later transactions

SynoFin provides a secure platform that permits payment for all the goods and delivers top-notch support for both private customers and commercial partners, it also serves as an advantage to consumers by providing access to products they need but cannot afford at one time

Customer Testimonials

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Frequently Asked Questions

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