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Easy to use and disburse the loan within minutes

SynoFin FlexiLoans is a leading digital lending platform that offers hassle-free short-term business loans to small businesses for expansion, to meet working capital needs, and to boost their cash flow.

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Why choose SynoFin for a Flexi Loan?

We ensure you are using the latest, secure, and scalable solutions that can automate the entire process of offering various financial services to small scale, individuals, or groups


Minimum documentation required

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Transparent Process


Easy Integrations


Flexible repayment


Complete digital verification


Extremely fast and Simple process


Powerful reporting structure and customer analytics

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SynoFin Offerings for Flexi Loan

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Credit Assessment Software System

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Loan Management Software

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System for handling various types of service request workflows

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Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboards

for better insights in your business

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Loan Origination System

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Simplified lending platform for FlexiLoan

A unique and flexible loan product, that provides instant financing, and help you fulfil your requirements. SynoFin flexiloan is a technologically advanced solution designed for Financial Institutions specializing in lending services.

Customer Testimonials

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Frequently Asked Questions

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