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The future of lending

Providing the most configurable and extensible co-lending solutions for businesses.

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What is Co-Lending?

Co-Lending solution helps the partners to depend on each other to create a win-win situation which helps in opening the value for their clients. Co-Lending helps banks to reach into new sections of the economy and meet the priority sector lending target and they lower the cost of capital for NBFCs to grow.

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Benefits of Co-Lending


Easy lender discovery

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Credit criteria as per agreement

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Depth across products

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Access to self-serve API

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Reconciliation module

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Digital agreement signing

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Quick loan recovery and disbursal

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One-time API integration

Synofin Offerings for Co-lending

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CRM System

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System for handling various types of service request workflows

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BI Dashboards

Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboards for better insights in your business

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CAS System

Credit Assessment Software System

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LMS Software

Loan Management Software

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CRM System

Mobility solution for Sales, Credit, and Operations team

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SynoFin is the most adaptable and extensible online loan management system that provides the greatest co-lending solutions for businesses.

A fully integrated software solution for Co-Lending

Customer Testimonials

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Frequently Asked Questions

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