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Future-ready lending journeys with smooth flow and easy to operate

A loan against property is fraught with risks and daily challenges for banks and financial institutions. SynoFin provides the best in property loan software that provides integration, a user-friendly interface, and improved client satisfaction. We are committed to offering NBFC Software Solutions that are affordable, efficient, and robust.
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Types of Loan against property
SynoFin offers a solution to a different range of mortgage loans to fulfill the specific financial purposes of each borrower. Here are the types of loans offered by NBFCs:

Loan against residential or property commercial


Loan against property for self-employed


Loan against property for salaried employees


Loan against property for home renovation


Loan against property for business


Loan against property for a wedding

Types of Properties that can be set as collateral

Self-owned and self-occupied residential property


Self-owned piece of land


Self-owned but rented residential property


Self-owned but rented commercial property


Why choose SynoFin for Loan against Property?

Our NBFC Loan Management software is made to handle all loan-related tasks necessary to maintain an NBFC (Non-Banking Financial Company). A group of incredibly committed professionals constantly check and manage our NBFC software products.

Lending software for various property types


Quick and accurate updates to enable the mortgage management process


Highly scalable and customizable


Easy operation of multiple collaterals for an individual

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Immediate verification and valuation as needed


Paperless flow by keeping all digitized documents

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Realtime access to actionable lender data


Quicker decisions to provide a great customer experience

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Visualization of data in a transparent manner

SynoFin Offerings for Loan against Property
Loan Origination System
LMS Software
Loan Management Software
Mobility solution
for Sales, Credit, and Operations team
CRM System

System for handling various types of service request workflows

CAS System
Credit Assessment Software System
Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboards
for better insights in your business
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A fully integrated approach to Loan Against Property Lending

Integrate SynoFin products into your platforms to eliminate unseen spots, minimize inaccuracy, and simplify mortgage lending. From loan applications to the repayment of loans against property, SynoFin API-powered platforms provide a smooth, efficient, and customer-friendly loan journey.

Customer Testimonials

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Frequently Asked Questions

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