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Lending Solutions

Leading the world through

Customize your fintech software to work the way you do

What makes us different?

12 Weeks

Time to switch to SynoFin
from the existing system

3 Days

TAT for mortgage & Home loan disbursement & Real-time for personal loans


Reduction in 
operational costs


Faster time for 

Trusted by 20+ Clients

Product Section at a Glance

That is equally loved by Engineering, Ops, Accounting and Business teams

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SynoFin LMS

Most configurable Loan Management System for FinTechs

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SynoFin CRM

NBFC-focused CRM solution with rich workflows

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SynoFin LOS

Comprehensive loan origination system for NBFCs

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SynoFin Collections

End-to-end collections management system

A New Age+ Matured Lending Platform

Most configurable and extensible 

Launch New Product Faster

Rollout new products by through simple Configurations

Matured System

We have 50k+ scenarios handled

 with 20+ products coverage

Hassle Free Migration

Migration service provided as a turnkey solution

API First

100+ APIs available with detailed documentation. Easily integrate LOS, CRM and Collection Apps

Partner and App Ecosystem

Get yourself local support through our implementation partners.

Self Service Report

No need to depend on vendors for reports. Your own team can write new reports on our platform

Supports 10+ lines of business

Solutions for every need

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Personal Loan

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Vehicle Loan

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Frame 33 (1).png

Home Loan

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Education Loan

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Frame 33 (1).png

Loan Against Property

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Gold Loan

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Equipment Financing

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Frame 33 (1).png

Flexi Loan

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Frame 33 (1).png

Commercial Vehicle 

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Frame 33 (1).png

Supply Chain Financing

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Frame 33 (1).png

Working Capital Loan

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Frame 33 (1).png

Buy Now Pay Later

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Credit Card

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Listen to our Leadership Podcast

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Why are many lenders looking to replace LMS?

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Mudit Jain


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