Best Online Loan Origination Software

The only mobile application for NBFCs and HFCs to digitize lead to disbursement processes

Digitising the entire journey

Mobile application for an RO to CXO level
App to Manage & nurture leads
Gamified App to submit Loan Application
App for Credit PD and calculating real time Eligibility
Review and Approve Loans

Lead Management

Create, manage and assign leads via different sources

Create Leads

Enable the RO to source leads in the mobile application.

Manage Lead to Login Journey

ROs can manage the entire lead journey. Know the real-time status of any application form on the app.

Meetings and Tasks

ROs can schedule meetings, create or manage tasks assigned to them.

Credit Assessment

Enable credit managers to assess applicants on-the-go

Conduct PD

Credit team can assess applicants, capture GPS location, take photos. Audio recordings are available if credit team wants to listen to it later. 30+ templates available for income assessment.

PD over Video Call

PD can also be conducted on video calls if required. Detailed PD sheet available on the mobile app.


Real-time CAM sheet generated can be sent to CRM/LMS via REST API integrations.

Credit Online

Enable better decisions

Entire case history

Full history available of the loan application file including recommendations and remarks.

Documents and Photos

View CAM sheet, CIBIL/CRIF scores, photographs, and other KYC documents for verification.

Detailed CAM Assessment

View the detailed CAM assessment filled in by the credit manager. Take decisions whether to approve or reject the loan.

Boasts Of Powerful Features

Why SynoFin?

An exclusive mobile application for NBFCs and HFCs
Fully secure
Our app complies with standard RBI guidelines and follows OWASP guidelines.
Endless integrations
Various integration touchpoints are available out of the box.
One app for all!
Enable everyone to use the mobile application to streamline their processes.

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Integrations with CIBIL/CRIF/PAN/Aadhaar

Integrations available for existing CRM and LMS

Payment Gateway can also be integrated

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