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Rich dashboard

  • Real time business numbers for sales officers to track their productivity
  • ROs can track leads, applications, approval and rejections at credit
  • Managers can track their team, branch and organization performance

Synofin Sales

SynoFin Sales - NBFC Sales Software for Field Staff

SynoFin Sales is a mobile app for field sales teams for lead management and quick customer onboarding

Paperless digital loan journey

  • ROs can digitally submit the loan application form on-the-go
  • Digital application form is generated instantly


  • Leaderboard for sales officers to keep them motivated
  • Filter leaderboard position by branch wise, organization wise
  • Positions determined on number of files, leads, incentives, disbursals

Measure team performance

  • Branch managers can track branch performance
  • Managers can track individual performance from their direct reportees till the bottom layer of the hierarchy

Integration capabilities

  • SynoFin sales app can be integrated with your existing LOS, LMS or CRM system
  • It also supports integration with EKYC, CIBIL, CRIF, Payment Gateway, eSign, CKYC, dialer system

Customer onboarding

  • Master document checklist so that sales officer never forgets any document
  • Capture proof of address, proof of identity, addresses, bank account details
  • EKYC integration for auto capturing KYC details
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