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SynoFin Credit Management and Risk Management Software

Mobile app for credit team for conducting a personal discussion with occupation-based income assessment.

Our Credit Management software enables you to not only more successes but also more efficiently manage daily difficulties.


The Software for Credit Management Provides You With Safer credit choices.



A comprehensive credit management solution. Everything you require is included within a single package. Credit data | Debtor management | Policy administration

30+ income templates

for farmers, kirana store, tea seller, barber and more

Audio recordings

available for each PD session

Capture photographs, selfies and videos

of customer’s business and residence

Auto-capturing of customer’s business and residence location

via GPS


Family Information Name, Status, Education Qualification, Age and many more.

  • Approve agents invited by DSAs


Personal Information, Family Information, Business Profile, Obligation Details & many more

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Business Profile

  • Nature of business, Entity Name, Form of Entity

  • Total capital, Source of capital

SL-073119-22070-11 1.png

Must-haves in Credit Management Software for the High-Performing Treasury and Credit Department

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