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Employee portal to check payouts

  • Now, employees won’t come back to the accounts team for doubts on incentives disbursed
  • Employees can check incentive breakout for better transparency

SynoFin Incentive -
Incentive management software

Manage incentives of field sales, field credit and partners through our configurable and complex incentive management system. Create, edit incentive policies in real-time for transparent compensations and payouts

Automatic incentive calculations

  • Say bye to the time-consuming manual process of preparing multiple excel sheets
  • Real-time calculation of complex incentive policies with breakup of approved loans, rejected cases, computation logic etc for better visibility

Configure complex incentive rules

  • Manage frequently changing incentive policies with drag and drop user interface
  • Set incentive policies for various departments, frequency (monthly, weekly, yearly)
  • Launch on-the-go policy for special festivals such as Diwali, New Year, closing

Integration capabilities

  • Integrate incentive numbers with HRMS app, sales app to show incentives directly to the employees or field staff
  • Integrate with accounting software to disburse payouts directly to employee and partners bank accounts
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