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How Data Lakes Can Help Banks And NBFCs Boost Operations?

How Data Lakes Can Help Banks And NBFCs Boost Operations?

Data are what makeup today's information age. Data now serves as the foundation for well-informed decision-making as a result of the consistent adoption of digital tools in a range of businesses kinds. All types of modern businesses gather and profit from data. In essence, data lakes provide an organization's data flood some direction.

It serves as a repository for all the data that a company might wish to collect, store, analyze, and use to make decisions and take action. Data lakes are essential for removing data silos, enhancing scalability, generating insightful data, and raising the bar of the current business infrastructure.

Requirements of Banks and NBFCs:

Financial institutions often provide services in the areas of investment banking, private banking, commercial banking, and personal services. Despite catering to these service portfolios, the data warehouse lacked intelligence somewhere. Additionally, the current approach took too long to provide useful findings from the data gathered. The difficulties developed as the amount of data grew larger every day.

To ensure a barrier-free data paradigm today, centralized data storage with unmatched processing speed is essential. Financial institutions nowadays are taking actions based on business intelligence and analytics to address their data-related problems. Setups must be reliable, effective, and productive in order to extract value from the data.

Data Lakes: The Transition from Data Warehouses

The adoption of the Data Lake increases the flexibility of a banking institution's data exploration and analytical activities. Data lakes focus on giving banks quick access to a wide range of information that does not discriminate based on perceived data relevance, as opposed to pushing financial data into restrictive data silos.

Organizations in the banking industry frequently see a data influx almost every second. It is essential to utilize this data in a clever and methodical way in order to create a long-lasting good influence on the institution. By integrating Business Intelligence and Analytics Solutions, a Hadoop-based Data Lake Solution ideally tends to align with institutional data and manage to generate informative reports from them.

Data lakes enable intelligent access to data, ultimately producing outcomes focused on the consumer and the business. This clever solution tends tendency to anticipate problems with data in the financial industry and recommend the most capable and effective course of action.

SynoFin and Data Lake

In order to produce intelligent business outcomes, SynoFin provides a dependable data analytics platform that covers a wide range of data bionics. We put procedures in place that support a promising digital future.


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