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What technology do you need to start a personal loan fintech app?

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What technology do you need to start a personal loan fintech app?

Consumers of today, spoilt by the on-demand economy and hampered by constraints associated with the epidemic, want more services that can be accessed from the comfort of their homes. For this reason, many lenders are finding it necessary to develop fintech apps, specifically personal loan app that enables on-demand money lending.

Therefore, now is the ideal opportunity to establish a personal loan application. This article will inform you of the technologies employed in creating personal loan fintech applications for an all-around positive lending experience.

Let’s begin.

What is a fintech app?

Web or mobile applications that deal with financial services are referred to as fintech apps. Nowadays, there are many fintech apps because the majority of financial services are provided online for efficiency and speed.

Features a fintech app must have

Features of a fintech app


Fintech apps deal with extremely important data. Consequently, the application should be as straightforward as feasible. Everything should be clear and easy to understand, and users shouldn't have any trouble navigating the program. It is essential since customers will use the fintech app more frequently as a result of the simplicity, which means they won't have to spend much time figuring it out.


When fintech apps and AI are combined, personalization becomes a bonus feature. AI examines user patterns to deliver pertinent information about new updates, rules, and advantages the financial institution has to offer. As a result, important suggestions and inputs are tailored, aid in customer retention, and attract new audiences and income

High-level Security:

Every financial app needs to have high-level security as a basic feature. Fintech apps handle users' financial information, therefore any data breaches or security flaws could result in significant financial losses for their customers. To secure users' high-level security and financial information, numerous multi-layered features must be incorporated, such as biometrics and data encryption.

Push Notifications:

For effective communication between bank employees and consumers, push notifications are essential. Additionally, they make sure that users are promptly notified about regular updates about new policies and discounts. It enables financial service providers to keep in touch with their customers and make sure they are informed at all times.

The technology used in creating a Personal loan fintech app

Personal loan applications are processed slowly by traditional banks, and money lenders are known to charge high-interest rates, making the process exceedingly shady. Personal loan applications have become a great notion in this entire financial setup to supply safe and hassle-free instant cash loans in India within one hour.

To create a personal loan fintech app with top-notch functionality, it is essential to select the right technological stack. In order to create a personal loan fintech app, the following preferred technology stacks can be used.


It is a JavaScript runtime environment that is open-source and cross-platform. It provides a number of tools and packages to create strong frameworks.


It is an important programming language for creating cross-platform apps since it enables programmers to leverage device-specific APIs and other features directly from its code.


It is among the most well-liked and practical technologies for creating hybrid applications.


It is a programming language that may be used to create apps for various platforms.

React Native:

It is a JavaScript-based open-source framework. It is one of the technologies that developers of cross-platform apps favor. Applications for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and many other platforms are created using it.


It is a well-liked framework for creating hybrid mobile apps. It provides users with a cost-effective option.


The credit line offered by financial institutions as a personal loan is one that lacks any type of security or collateral. Instant personal loans that are simpler to qualify for can be offered to customers by NBFCs and banks with the help of SynoFin's paperless application and speedy, automated disbursements.

SynoFin distinguishes itself with pre-integrated APIs that work quickly with other systems and automatic, digital logins. The technology streamlines each step of the loan application and onboarding process as well as the distribution, upkeep, and collection of personal loans.

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