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Vehicle loan: Everything you need to know about a Vehicle loan

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The days of owning a car or two wheels as a luxury are long gone. Today, having a personal automobile is a requirement for everyone. An auto loan makes it possible for you to purchase anything, whether it's your first car, a costly update of an older model, a used car, a business vehicle, or a two-wheeler.

Also, Purchasing a car can be expensive, especially if you're just starting out in your profession. Second, if you do have the money and purchase an automobile, you can end up coming to the attention of the Income Tax Department. By making on-time payments on a car loan, you enjoy the benefit of establishing your credit history. This may enable you to get loans in the future.

What is a Vehicle loan?

Borrowers take out auto loans to buy new, old, or both types of commercial or personal vehicles. Automobiles themselves are used as collateral for secured loans like auto loans. Lenders provide it for commercial vehicles, new automobiles, used cars, two-wheelers (usually referred to as a two-wheeler loan), and new and used cars generally called a Commercial Vehicle Loan.

Banks typically provide auto loans up to 90% of the cost of new cars and 85% of the cost of used cars. The car is pledged as collateral to the lender. The payback period normally lasts between 12 and 84 months and is depending on your monthly income and ability to repay.

Before granting your request for a vehicle loan, lenders will consider the following factors:

CIBIL Score and Report:

Lenders consider both the pattern of your prior payment history and your current credit health, just like they do with any other loans. Before making a final decision on your loan application, lenders consider your CIBIL Score and credit background. The likelihood of your loan being approved rises as your CIBIL Score rises.

Current Loan Repayments:

Before deciding whether to approve your loan request, lenders also keep track of all of your past EMIs. They typically calculate your monthly income ratio and EMI outflow. Make sure that your EMI payments do not represent a significant portion of your income.

Employment and Income Status:

To assure loan repayment over the course of the loan, lenders also verify that you have a reliable source of income each month and a job that you can count on.

Required documents for a vehicle loan:

  • Latest Credit Score & CIR

  • Bank Statement

  • KYC docs like identity, signature & address proof

  • Registration Papers

  • Income Statement

Benefits of Vehicle loan:

Easily repayable in EMIs:

Your car loan can be repaid in convenient equated monthly installments (EMIs), the size of which you can set depending on the repayment period you like and the interest rate the lender will impose. Your pressure of having to make a sizable loan repayment payment all at once is lessened by using EMIs. Instead, you might make modest payments as you can afford to do so.

Companies providing vehicle loans

There is no requirement to provide collateral:

You don't need to offer any collateral when applying for a car loan because the car itself will be used as security. The vehicle will be hypothecated to the bank, and in the event of a payment default, the lender will have the right to confiscate the vehicle, sell it at auction, and recoup the unpaid loan balance. You don't have to offer any additional security or collateral to get a car loan.

A great way to establish your credit history:

Your credit score will rise if you take out a car loan and make your payments on time. Because lenders will know you can pay them back, they will be more likely to offer you favorable terms, such as lower interest rates or the elimination of processing costs.

Improved budgeting:

You can better organize your money when you pay off your auto loan through EMIs because you will know how much you will be contributing each month. Then you can make the necessary adjustments to your other costs.

Companies providing auto loans:

  • State Bank of India. State Bank of India

  • ICICI Bank

  • HDFC Bank

  • Bajaj Auto Finance Limited (BAFL)

  • Citibank

  • Bank of Baroda

  • Punjab National Bank

  • Kotak Mahindra Prime Limited (KMPL)


To various customer groups, all financial institutions offer auto loans with cutting-edge service and reward alternatives. We also know from our analysis and understanding that auto lenders focus their efforts on lowering risk exposure, scaling to increase processing efficiency, and meeting client expectations.

In order to make the lending process effective and manageable, SynoFin Vehicle Loan was created with highly scalable, configurable, and integrated software elements.

Why opt for SynoFin Vehicle Loan Software?

  • Easy Integrations: Integration with enterprise GL/CBS system

  • Mass digital verification: Accelerate digital verification of documents in one go using EKYC

  • Generation of reports: Develops reports for trade advance statements, interest statements, and analysis reports from a single, user-friendly screen

  • Cost optimization: Expandable platforms for cost optimization across geo-locations

  • Flexible in operations: Operations become flexible enough by using mobile applications for loan origination, disbursements, and collections

  • Customizable: Easy to customize and manage by the automotive industry

Visit SynoFin to know more about us!


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