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The multi-channel solution helps digitize the complete loan lifecycle end to end, from initial contact with customers and helping make better credit decisions faster to comprehensive loan servicing and sophisticated delinquency management.  

Our Offerings

Mobility solution for Dealers

Mobility solution for

Sales Executive (SE)

 Mobility solution for

Field Investigation (FI) team


Digital solution for Franchisee (DSAs)

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Web Portal for

Centralised Team

(Credit & Operations)


Configurable decisioning engine

  • Automated rule engine for approvals and escalations.

  • You can easily customize rule engine as per your organization policy.

Paperless loan processing in
15 mins!

1-click disbursement from the system (direct to customer (innovative, new era) / dealer account)

Eligibility check powered by AI

50+ parameters such as city, income, product, scheme, user demographics etc available for customization


​Seamless integration capabilities with your existing LMS software, CRM, dialer, current system, accounting software

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All documents on cloud

Manage all the documents in the loan journey such as courier tracking details, digital customer documents, RTO policy, RC at one place. Automated reminders on PDD.

Easy integration

  • Vaahan / Parivahan

  • eNACH and Physical NACH

  • Insurance partners


  • Karza for KYC

  • Fraud detection (dedupe check, pincode based)

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TAT and progress monitoring

  • Real time business reports for better transparency

  • TAT monitoring and escalations for higher efficiency

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On-premise installation OR Deploy on cloud

Host the solution on your premises. The data remains with you ensuring the organization's data security. You can also choose to host on cloud services (AWS or Azure)

Why Us?


Customization capabilities

The solutions are highly configurable and customizable to ensure full scale implementation and adoption. We also provide migration support.

Domain knowledge

Deep functional knowledge of banking and lending business

Excellent support

Software require long term support during the life of software, we do understand this really well

Quick SDLC implementation cycle

Our team of expert product managers would ensure that the software is implemented quickly

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SynoFin Sales

Mobile app for sales team for lead management and quick customer onboarding. Supports integration with LOS

SynoFin Credit

Mobile app for credit team for conducting personal discussion with occupation based income assessment 

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