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NBFC Software - SynoFin Loan Management Software

Integrated recognised LMS


NBFC Loan Management Features

Integrated accounting
Linking of loans
Dynamic fields
Loan closure & cancelation
Multi repayment
Interest and charges accrual
Balance transfer
Collateral linking

Key Modules of Synofin LMS


Loan Origination

Built with the state-of-the-art workflow system on microservices architecture that is fully automated, parameterized, and powered by a business rule engine.


Collection Management

A comprehensive automated debt and receivables system with improved decision-making system, effective collection strategies and more.


Loan Servicing

Aids financial organization to custom-tailor their ecosystem from amortization to delinquency tracking in one impeccable loan servicing procedure.


Collateral Management

The centralized management monitors real-time exposure of assets and collateralization of credit from a single source aiding NBFCs to make informed decisions on the collaterals.

NBFC Loan Life Cycle Process

Entire loan journey in easy steps
  • Approve agents invited by DSAs

NBFC Software Provider Details

Details of Lead, Application, Credit View, PD/TI,      Reports & many more.

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Loan Management System Software

Business Profile

 Receipts have the option to approve or reject. Timeline of  Maker
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